October 28, 2011

New Pages

After some time I finally have some new pages coming together! I've set up a new stand alone web store via Big Cartel, this site will focus almost exclusively on my Wedding & Engagement ring lines.

I'm gradually putting more of my effort into the wedding bands in particular, narrowing my focus to just one or two styles is allowing me to perfect the craft and process of each band. In the last two years since I began making wedding bands I've made nearly 400, and I feel like I'm always improving on the design. All this experience with the "Love is on the Inside" style has really let me branch out and try different variations of metals and forms without being too concerned about melting the metals together. Unfortunately total destruction still happens on occasion if some aspect isn't quite right, but each catastrophe is just a lesson in what not to do next time.

Check out the pages!


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