April 28, 2008

About this time last year I completed my mechanical dragonfly, the "Anax Imperator Machina".  I've decided to make a collection of jewelry based on the dragonfly its self, primarily the wings. 

 The little wings I made are just like the ones on the dragonfly but slightly smaller, they'll be earrings and necklace, and hopefully a ring and bracelet as well, but we'll see once I have them.  The castings are supposed to be headed my way May 12th, later then I hoped but still in time for May!

I'm also making a limited run of handmade books about the dragonfly.   This will include the sketches and drawings I used to create it and photographs as well.  I'm really excited about making these!  Like most of my packaging they'll be made of sustainable Lokta paper and recycled paper, and I've been working diligently working on the inner page layout to get it finished this week.

Here are some images of the paper and bookmaking supplies to keep you intrigued.