August 14, 2008

Office Space

Most of this month has consisted of renovating a few room in our house. We're redoing a room that use to be a little den and making it into Kaitlin's office/library area. This space was previously used as my office and place to draw and package shipment. The downfall was it's on the 2nd floor and my shop is in the basement... This translated into a lot of running up and down the stairs. So now I have a office/music room that's right next door to my shop, and I'm already feeling the benefits of not having to run to every corner of the house. Everything in the name of productivity!

It's a very yellow space, but your eyes adjust to it quickly. We were going to repaint it, but it's more work then we have time for right now. A lot of music equipment doubles as photography stands and furniture as well.

See if you can find the dragonfly in the pictures!