December 30, 2008

So this is the New Year...

So my first Christmas season has come and gone. Well my first season selling online at least. I was thrilled with all the attention my work received during that one quick month. With a boatload of sales and a full time job, I really saw where I needed to improve my work method.

Shipping was the first big one, it takes me far too long to package things, sometimes longer than it takes to build them! I will be switching to domestic priority shipping, and first class international shortly after the new year, this will save on materials and time. On top of that it'll be very easy to know when a package will get somewhere.

Having 3-8 orders to build and ship at a given time also helped me realize how inefficient my system was. I'll go into detail at a later date about this, because I think I've learned some critical lessons that will likely help others. I'll try and put together some tutorials this year on productivity.

Expect to see a whole bunch of new designs and pieces flooding through my shop in the next few months. Thursdays will be the official new release days, but not starting this week though. I'll have all new packaging and cards as well!