September 22, 2009

Where in the world is Jesse Danger?

Yikes, it's been about three months since I've put anything on here. A lot has gone down in three months though. I've done numerous shows at Boston's SoWa Open Market, which has been a fantastic experience in general. I'll be back down again in October on the 11th and 25th and in December for the SoWa Holiday Market. Vermont shows and experiences haven't been anywhere near as grand, perhaps my expectations for said events were too high.

Etsy has been fantastic as well, and a great big thanks to everyone who has supported me by purchasing my creations, or blogging about my work or just simply taking the time to look!

With all this hard work I've opted to step away from my day job. Something I've been trying to do for far too long, but finally the opportunity has presented itself. This is truly what I long to do, and just the start to many things to come. This means for now;

-new work
-faster shipping
-faster emails
-more craft/art shows
-more updates/blog entries
and all sorts of possibilities

Thanks and more to come!