December 1, 2011

Around The Shop

Hi blog world!  I've been busy overhauling all of my webpages this week.  I'm working on few blog posts about navigating SEO and the recent changes with Etsy, and also about my plans for the coming year.  That's not ready yet so I thought I'd post some recent stuff from around the shop.

The open house the other weekend was surprisingly busy, I must have had a few hundred people filter though the shop over the course of the day.  It was nice getting to meet other local artists, and I took a few minutes to explore some of other shops in the building.  Everyone who stopped in was great and seemed to enjoy the space, though I secretly wish I had hardwood floors every time I try to clean that carpet (carpet is evil). Here are a few early morning shots when the sun was nice and bright (see, clean as promised!). I hardly ever turn the lights on in here, I usually just let the daylight flood in.

Gotta keep a little space for the guitars, and my flee market balalaika!

A stunning wedding set I just finished.  These are done in 14kt white gold and rose gold, probably still my favorite combination of metals, the colors just blend so naturally.  With the all gold (opposed to silver & gold) versions I can also make the metal ratio about 50/50, so you can see more of the rose from the profile.

Late night shipping party, about a dozen bands ready for their new homes.  It was a two coffee kind of day.


New Duds said...

love this! I am jealous of your natural light :)

Jesse Danger said...

Thanks! I'm very lucky to have found this space. It is quite inspiring at times.