May 2, 2008

Custom Ring, part 1

Here is an image of the very awesome metal to be used in a custom ring I am creating. The metals are Argentium Silver (the long bar), 14k Rose Gold (the shorter bar), and Silver/Shakudo mokume (the swirly sheet). The mokume is truly stunning, yet hard to capture with an image. It's has a random pattern woodgrain look that is rosy and silver, but will finish to a silver and almost black pattern. (I added some images below of the other metals and the gems!)

For those who are not familiar with mokume, it is an old asian metalsmithing practice where many layers of fine metal, in this case about 27, are fused into a single sheet. Holes and patterns are then cut into this thick sheet, and then it is rolled very thin, creating this unique pattern. The Shakudo used is a mix of 4% pure gold and 96% pure copper.

This first drawing is the design that all this metal will
soon become. I forgot to include an image of the Malaia garnet that is going into the ring, but I will eventually.

This is another custom ring, with some of the same metals, that I will be building at the same time, also using Malaia garnets.


Nadie said...

Keep up the good work.