May 22, 2008

Custom Ring, part 7

Today was clean up day, smoothing down most the rough edges and getting the initial shapes together. The first step is to saw off all the mokume edges that overhang on the shank, getting close enough to the inner frame to make clean up easy, but not too close as to nick it with the saw.

Once the edges are trimmed down I aggressively sand the flat profile on 220 grit sandpaper. This ensures that the flatness stays crisp and with the finish it leaves, it's easy to tell if there are spots that still need sanding.

I then do the same thing with the bezel, cutting off the extra silver on the bottom of the bezel. I then sand the bottom flat as well. Now that the shank and bezel are fully formed, the next part will be making the 14kt top plate and connecting it to the the ring

Here are all the ring parts ready for assembly. These are going to be wild once they are done!!