May 16, 2008

Custom Ring, part 4

Now that the frame is solid, I'm going to add the connecting bracket across the top, this will also serve as the anchor for the bezel and top plate. It's a little tricky get this piece to sit just right, usually takes a lot of filing and checking and filing and checking. It is mainly sitting in their with tension, as I have not devised an easy way to hold it in place.

Again, a little blurry... Notice the orange brown spots in the corners, this is yellow ochre painted over the previously soldered joints. This keeps previously soldered areas from melting again and having everything fall apart!! Due to the heat conductivity of Argentium silver, this is not too big of an issue on this piece, but with traditional sterling silver it is a must. The yellow ochre acts as controlled dirt, and solder will not flow if the metal is not perfectly clean, regardless of temperature.