May 7, 2008

Custom Ring, part 2

Today I started to get the shanks of the rings together and formed. Neil, who works in the shop as well, had an amazing new tool that made making these so much easier than the last version I built. He was nice enough to let me borrow it for the night to photograph...and drool over.

Here are the pieces for the funky shaped ring, all shaped and ready to be soldered, this one formed very nicely. The top piece is the support bracket that will be soldered in after the three main sections are soldered and sized properly.

This is the two stone ring. This one is super fun to make! The curves are all hand formed and there are two separate pieces, one that slides into the other, then they are both soldered and fused together. The long pieces on the top are just there to ease the bending process, they will be trimmed back to fit the stone bezels once the two sleeves are soldered together. To create this ring a used just a ring mandrel and a mallet.