May 7, 2008

Jesse vs. Photography, 1-1

Photography and I are 1 to 1 now, it kicked my ass Sunday, but I kicked it back last night! All the photos came out awesome, here's another page of the booklet with a new close up.

I also managed to get some great video clips as well, these are slated to go online at in the not too distant future. For anyone who wanted to know how the mechanisms work, here is a glimpse of the tiny little "engine" doing it's thing.

So Wednesdays are my days to crank through projects in the shop, so expect to see a lot of progress photos for the end of the week. Today is also the day for printing up the booklets, then It's on to making a ton of book, I've recruited Kaitlin to help out with them, actually she kinda volunteered.

Alright! Time to build stuff!


Tracy said...

Jesse, this is a great video, my husband and I just saw you on the front page and were commenting - "how the heck does that thing work??"

Coolest piece ever!

Jesse Danger said...

Thanks Tracy! This was a complex little bug for sure.


Anonymous said...

I will help in the book making process, but I demand to be paid...chocolate and/or sparkly things are acceptable forms of payment.


Wenchie said...

I really love the workmanship you put into the dragonfly it really is an amazing piece.

Sharleen said...

Wow! What an amazing piece! Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing a video too.